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Website proudly design & develop by DMC

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DMC designs and develops intuitive and interactive web and mobile applications. We build scientific strategies and provide technological solutions for businesses to scale across complete digital platforms as a strong brand to increase sales and revenue by generating more leads and followers

- ("why followers?)    

Why Followers?

You must be thinking, Why not Clients? Why Followers? The era of online marketing is very dynamic and the most common mistake online businesses are doing is wasting huge amount of budgets on advertisements to increase sales by trying to generate more clients.  Don't get me wrong! Paid advertisements are proven to bring more traffic towards online businesses and some users might even turn into one-time clients. But if the businesses fail to provide a valuable experience to these users after interacting with an advertisement, these clients never turn into returning clients and can not provided any future value.


Where as when the user gets a valuable experience by interacting with an online business, the user tends to keeping coming back for the same experience and satisfaction ultimately turning into a follower. This is how organic traffic generates.


Followers influence your business by word-of-mouth and represent you as a strong brand in the societyThese followers becomes the real assets for the online businesses and turn into forever loyal clients.



What We Do


Branding is more than just having a trademark or logo, it’s the authenticity of the values that the community entrusts in your business or a product after interacting with the experience and satisfaction you provide them.

The brand shows what the business's values are and serves to attract fan-followers whom share similar interest and values. We create the brand as more than just an image in your customers mind, but as a connection and a memory associated with that image. Clients relate your brand with your guaranteed promise of consistency and reliability that you provided as that experience continues to live on in their minds forever giving people something to believe in. Customers build the meaning of your brand. They no longer buy brands, they join brands!

Web & APP Development

With our full stack development resources we can provide our clients completely customized solutions to manage and run their digital business smoothly.  From web development, mobile applications, customized dashboards to a structured database management, we have resources to fulfill our clients web application requirements. 
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Database Management
  • E-Commerce Website 
  • API Integrations
  • Custom Template Development

Social Media Management

Social media presence not just lead to higher conversion rate but also increase ranking on search engines. With the right strategy you can  target and retarget potential clients and also get to know the insights of the customer you never knew before. Proper social media backlinks can increase inbound and website traffic. A message through social media impact strong effect on followers and increase brand recognition     


UX/UI Designer

A unique design conveys your message to the user. Designing is an integral part of a conversion process.  A strategically built design layout serves to guide the user to take specific steps on the website.  An interactive design is proven to not only attract the audience, but also lead the users towards the conversion. ​

  • Logo Design                                  

  • UI / UX Design

  • Web Design

  • App Design

  • 3D Mockups

  • Graphic Design


Lead Generation

In a lead generation process we study and research analytical driven data and monitor trends to filters all the potential users who interact with any of our campaign or showed organic interest. After filtration we direct potential leads to your businesses right department to appropriately handle.


Video Production & Editing

DMC media can turn your video clips and personal recordings into HD quality professional films. Our media production team can create 3D motion graphics, animated explainer video, Animated ads, AR and VR videos. In our video editing service you simply share the link or send the video to us with instructions and our professionals will edit, organize, fix, add effects, captions and copyright background music anything you like we will do the magic. 




DMC team of creative content writers uniquely write your voice in such words that communicates effectively and capture the reader's attention. Our writers makes your user to understand and feel the exact value you offer through the words enriched with poper keywords placement which allows search engine to place your website on top search results when someone uses the similar keyword.




Professional designed graphics creates a soothing visualize effect on the web pages and makes the website look more attractive and professional. Gradual design updates makes the website look new and fresh. DMC graphic design team can save your hours of work on designing so you can spend more time on the business functions.. Our creatives can design paper print ads, brochure, digital newsletters and magazines, invitations, cartoon characters, video content assets, social media graphics designs and creative posts and much more.  












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